Saluting Sheetal Jain who drummed her way from Kamathipura to USA - Hope!

Everybody wants to be something more and better than what they are today ...

Dear Mumbai,

                            I am back after a  chota.... break......
                One girl telling a story of THE SPECIAL GIRL heard by another girl!!!
                     It’s a true struggle but an inspiration too....

Again I am diverting from my point of telling my own story, reason being this Special Story here needs to be shared and my one post will be a part of a beautiful life, of Inspiration, Courage and Determination.

            As I have a "shauk(fondness)" for learning Hindi  in order to survive in Mumbai  easily, I keep listening to Radio-FM (a little more maybe) ,where in usually I get to hear all funny comments and compliments  on film stars, politicians, Advertisements, news of any trending sales and offers with terms and conditions applied etc, etc and more importantly songs, sometimes "purane gaane too...

             But surprisingly, one Sunday morning  Mallishka(Rj) at 93.5- RED FM started like this- "Everybody wants to be something more and better than what they are today and on ", listening to this I stayed tuned to the station to discover how she would elaborate on this phrase.

          Somewhere deep down I knew "I too wish for something like that every day", don't we all......????Yeah!!! She was telling a real life story of a girl who relatively wished for "a very Great life" than what she actually was forced to live.
          Once a foolish woman fell in love with a wrong person at the wrong time and eventually ended up bearing his child. She became mother of an innocent baby girl -Let’s call her “Angel". He abandoned the woman, as he didn't mean to be a responsible husband or a good father. But this poor lady had to find a way now to feed herself and the baby. Somebody in the neighborhood told her there was a need of bar-dancer and they will pay well too. As she was already interested in dancing she didn't want to miss this chance and she got hooked up with dancing and much more that comes along with that….”flesh trade”.

            Years passed and girl grew up, the locality she was brought up also had the people of the same mindset which perceived this little girl to follow her mother’s foot steps - a future bar-dancer, better a replacement for her mom. No one gave a damn what Angel had in her heart. She was in a place where nobody bothered how old she was because even she herself didn't know how old she was by then. All that people knew was that she was a "Girl". 

             For some reason her mom threw her out of home at a very young age, initially she cried sitting alone which brought her no help then she started working in some houses as maid which at least fetched a Meal a day.

             But this little girl was not only made to do house chores instead, she was unmercifully sexually abused, beaten and ill-treated at the houses where she worked, may be because "she did not have anyone to come questioning for her like other girls had". After some years of this suffering, she thought she was relieved because her so called biological father came from nowhere and stopped her from working as a maid, brought her home. But  she was innocently wrong about that ,because  he restrained her  with intention of abusing her himself  which she couldn't stand any longer so she ran away and joined some other house as maid again, but unfortunately it was no different from the previous one, if anything, it only got  more worse.

             Then finally GOD showered his merciful glance, perhaps inspired by the girl’s indomitable spirit and decided to change things for the better. An NGO - KRANTI finds her and takes her with them, they teach  her some basics  of education and after a lot of treatments and therapies she is now trying to live a normal life like any other girl in this world, she confesses of coming to terms with her traumatic past and forgiving all those who brought her only grief and misery.
           Her optimism has seen the light of the day and the girl’s love for playing drums is all set to take her to "WASHINGTON D.C" so that she could play to her heart’s content. 
shettal jain, Star from Kranti NGO
Sheetal Jain - the drummer

This is a classic example of the phrase, ‘Our future lies in our hands', a perfect example for girls, who already accepted that they can't change their life and make their own identity. It’s all in our hands. If she can why can't anybody else...???

Gals in her position won’t be able to read my post.
If they are, this is me extending love, respect and Salute to your Courage.
This isn’t just a message to them. Instead this is a Call for all fellow humans, respect girls, raise your voice against child abuse and whenever you see a under privileged.

              I quote  "HOPE  IS A GOOD THING,MAY BE BEST OF THINGS"
                  As said in one of my favorite movie  - "Shawshank Redemption"   

My post may not tell you everything about our ANGEL
So here is the full article….
it’s worth reading 

If you wish to help her in pursuing her dreams, you can contribute..
Read the article above by Mid-day
Call on this number

Kranti’s co-founder
Robin Chaurasia
+91 9757353449

I applaud the NGO and its efforts!!

Kranti (Revolution)

empowers girls fromMumbai's red-light areas (Revolutionaries)to become agents of social change.

see you soon.....Mumbai...!!!

Thanks for the Hindi lessons and inevitable Hinglish (Combination of English & Hindi)

You are showing me different faces and phases of life...keep me informed and inspired like this.

Yours ,
Nayi... MumbaiWali

P.S. Though I am giving many back links, this is not a commercial post, nor a influencer post…..will inform my readers when I do one. J
For now this is my heart speaking out.

**Next you will get to read about my progress in the city so far, a morning walk and difference between mornings & nights in Mumbai. Stay tuned.


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