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Woke up for mother's love in Mumbai.

Dear Mumbai,
People say things change as time passes, but i dont think it's always true,
My first love- What i can also call "My love at first sight" is still alive and strong after more than 2 decades...(since i opened my eyes for the first time and even now when i open my eyes everyday).all i mean now isMother's love.... Because of circumstances i had to be far from my "mummy" for the purpose  of school, college, engineering and even now for Work. But whenever i go  home she gives me all love but never lets me sleeplate in the morning :o.

I miss you mom always...except for that one reason.Today it was 5:AM in Mumbai, all of a sudden something wakes me up and I’m Like, mummy please let me sleep for some more time, but i wake up and realise that she is not here besides me, i have grown up and i'm too far from her, but her thought didn't let me sleep back, so i didn’t wait, i called her up, and asked are you awake mummy??She is like :--Yess!!!you too wa…