Woke up for mother's love in Mumbai.

Dear Mumbai,

                  People say things change as time passes, but i dont think it's always true,

              My first love- What i can also call "My love at first sight" is still alive and strong after more than 2 decades...(since i opened my eyes for the first time and even now when i open my eyes everyday).all i mean now is  Mother's love....
           Because of circumstances i had to be far from my "mummy" for the purpose  of school, college, engineering and even now for Work. But whenever i go  home she gives me all love but never lets me sleep  late in the morning :o.

               I miss you mom always...except for that one reason. Today it was 5:AM in Mumbai, all of a sudden something wakes me up and I’m Like, mummy please let me sleep for some more time, but i wake up and realise that she is not here besides me, i have grown up and i'm too far from her, but her thought didn't let me sleep back, so i didn’t wait, i called her up, and asked are you awake mummy??She is like :--Yess!!!you too wake up come on, get up take bath and start your work now i just smile and say ok mummy and hung up.
             Now my accidentally early risen "brain"  is more restless, so got fresh pluggged  in earphones, started from my place at 5:30 AM, and now its a WOW!!Mumbai is literally a  little less loud moreover, less people are up and out so early.  Only at this time i felt as i had never been out so early here ever before  in 3 months of my stay here. So,  i get to see some old uncles and very few aunties some before retirement with a thought of 'prevention is better than cure' and some more in the after retirement age, so as to keep their sugar and blood pressure level in control are busily walking with their canvas shoes.
       I kept walking and liked it because i had fewer  faces staring on the streets, i walked  till i felt i could come back easily then finally i reached a chowk, where i stood at footpath scratching  my head thinking which way to take next out of four??? It was already 6:40AM I thought i should pause my madness here for today because i need to go to office today.
      So took a "U-turn"and returned along the same way. Happy from the proud feeling of small adventure for a new girl in the Big City.
     On my  way back home(P.g) a thought struck me was that many Mumbai ka youngsters are really dreaming "BIG" by sleeping till late in the morning without the regrets of yesterday OR worries of tomorrow probably, or its just night outs, late night parties, night duty or bunking first lecture or planning to take  a late coming in the office :p.
                And how can i miss out telling about all my dear sweet young buddies getting ready with a clean and tidy school uniform carrying a heavy bag and unwilling angry face ,because i know how it feels to go to school after masth aaram Saturdays & Sundays, because i still feel the same..
while going to office on MONDAY :p!!!
So this is a  small song of a early risen bird..
Nayi Mumbaiwali !!


  1. Read it on my way ti office in the morning.... Enjoyed it....simple thoughts yet put out beautifully...
    Good work rakshitha.

  2. Purani...nayi..ladki....ki kahani...


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