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Yess!! I am happy to be writing this ...
This blog post  is a  tribute to one of my  special friend  Anirudh Shetty he is a poet, philosopher, blogger, traveller, engineer, many more, finally, he is always a special  brother out there .           To start with history  I met him at an  campus interview, luckily destiny had us both placed in same company at same location ,spoke to him on the first day of office knowing he was a Mangalorean I was happy as if I found an Island in a big ocean. In a very small time we became good friends. As he could see the fact that I was all new for that place and people, and how skeptical I was at things being different out there  he saw the urge in me  to express things .After hearing that one of my hobbies was writing  he lit this magical spark in my life and pushed me to start this blog which is an  year old infant today.
          Back then if that #sachchiAdvice  was not received or brought into action today  I would…

Dekho Dekthe Raho

Tata has always been known for its pragmatic approach to consumer-centric innovation. In taking this tradition a step further, direct broadcast satellite television provider Tata Sky has come up with a revolutionary technological break-through to keep its customers spanning 14.5 million homes happy. On the 2nd of Sep, 2105 the Tata Sky team launched their new SetTopBox(STB) with a recording + transferring option. With a 500GB storage you can now record and later watch a plethora of your favorite shows and movies, this feature now gives you the flexibility of recording programs by sending a user request through your phone, while you are away from the TV. These recorded programs can be transferred and streamed straight on your android or iOS device to view on the go.         The  above ad  will show a real family saga for remote and the fight among themselves for the love of their TV program.

     Well speaking about my favorite shows, I wish we had this feature when I was a…