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Jisne Diya Tha Humko Dil, Unse Kiya Humne Dil Ki Deal

It is an exhilarating feeling to rejoice in knowing that you’re the reason why the eyes of your loved ones are glistened with gratitude. Although it seems like blowing my own trumpet I would like to share a story where I decided to create a special moment for my mother, side stepping my logical brain which urged me to focus on addressing her immediate monetary rather than give her a birthday gift.
How it happened…
After some six months away from family and friends on my first job, I was coming home. Like aKargil war survivor, I was relieved and ecstatic to see my parents after sometime. To tell you the truth, I got a free pass on Indian Railways all the way from Mumbai… how it is accomplished maybe a story for another blog post.
When I reached , my mother an epitome of compassion and care, welcomed me homewith all love and joy. However, me being a movie buff had seen in movies all these years when a hero (heroine) returns home after many years of working; she brings all new clothes…