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Die with diet OR live the honey diet

Human body is the best picture of the  human soul.

Somebody once said  "You are what you eat" (Mentally&Physically) I find  it very thoughtful from my personal experience . At times when I knew only "hunger"  until  I came across the word "Health"  I actually  was hogging like"I lived only for eating and only Eating.
As soon as  the charm of film industry , glamour world filled with mesmerising personalities ,they  caught my  teenage mind, brought a thought of health consciousness ,beauty and  many more .That is what the basic schema for advertisement right..??So if things are reasonable and if intentions aren't bad then I don't see a flaw in people like me following anybody who is right.
Even now I am a foodie though not very  choosy simply just enjoy every food & drinks from  simple "bread butter " till the  costliest  "Sizzlers" I  ever had in my life , Frankly speaking may be my life circumstances when things were…