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Reconnecting Net-Work

  Reconnecting Net-Work

I am also part of fast Airtel 4G family recently..,
            Recently my brother decided to opt for work from home since his office was too far and in peak hours travelling in public transport in Bangalore is a real pain for  bangloreans. As the  speed of  airtel  4G  network  was already a hot topic in his office without having  a second thought  very next day he brings home  this  new little member to our family that is airtel 4G HOTSPOT portable Wi-Fi router  whom I named as “AG” .I know naming a router would sound silly and childish but  I have an explanation supporting my thought .
            All this started  when so many years back  the first ARPANET link technically transferred  some data  back in  1969between the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Stanford Research Institute .Which lit the fire for  future networked computers which we now call asinternet. Some statistics say in 1983 only 1% of data was being circulated through digit…

Indo-Italian pasta

The flavor of the hour 
        I have been pondering lately on the similarities between a pasta well made and a life well lived. Just as the right amount of ingredients cooked in the right quantity make a  perfect pasta, the right mix of various aspects intelligently blended make for a complete life.    
         It was another boring cloudy Sunday evening, with thoughts of mundane Mondays, perhaps more so with me being one of those IT folks looking forward to Fridays.  So, just to add a wee bit of spice to my life I had this crazy idea of trying the hand at Pasta.           Though I am a foodie ,after being in hostel all these  years I had not much access to a kitchen or to even watch and learn from my mother. Now that I stay in an apartment with my brother, this is my time to experiment, learn, cook and enjoy the food.
         After staring at the setting sun for a while I decide to toy with the idea of a DelMonte Pasta so that tasty  food entering tummy will bring some ‘Felicita’…

Day @HardRock Cafe

         Ab har wish hogi poori….     
Last Saturday was a day marked in my calendar , because it was Indiblogger’s meet hosted by Flipkart at HardRock cafe.
It was actually my third blogger’s meet after coming to Bangalore , since our first meet at Zuri we have a peer bloggers group we meet and then be there on time together and have fun with all the fellow bloggers. As I am new to Bangalore this was the first time for me there(@HR cafe) and  it was a memorable one .Once the band performance was over it was the time for us, the bloggers to open up express our self and say something special about our blog which was  hosted by Anoop. Later we got to know that   there were gift vouchers from Flipkart for our special introduction too. In a while Flipkart team took  charge and briefed us about how vast Flipkart was functioning. As per the casual QA round held there the number of products  in FlipKart is 30 Million+, number might have gone a bit high within a week by their new Image Search mo…