Jisne Diya Tha Humko Dil, Unse Kiya Humne Dil Ki Deal


It is an exhilarating feeling to rejoice in knowing that you’re the reason why the eyes of your loved ones are glistened with gratitude. Although it seems like blowing my own trumpet I would like to share a story where I decided to create a special moment for my mother, side stepping my logical brain which urged me to focus on addressing her immediate monetary rather than give her a birthday gift.

How it happened…

After some six months away from family and friends on my first job, I was coming home. Like a Kargil war survivor, I was relieved and ecstatic to see my parents after sometime. To tell you the truth, I got a free pass on Indian Railways all the way from Mumbai… how it is accomplished maybe a story for another blog post.

When I reached , my mother an epitome of compassion and care, welcomed me home with all love and joy. However, me being a movie buff had seen in movies all these years when a hero (heroine) returns home after many years of working; she brings all new clothes, sweets, gifts and money. I too wished to something similar, but had no money.

Like a lightening out of the blue; a silver lining stuck my cell (phone). I got an SMS saying your account has been credited with 8,748Rs. My Sweet mom (in mock anger) said, will you keep that phone inside or shall I throw it right away? You come home once in a year and your phone keeps making tring --tring all day. I apologized (not mockingly) with a smile, no mummy, sorrii it was just a message; and pushed the phone aside.

While I was wondering what at the source of this unexpected abundance, a sting operation by my loving friends bought revealed that, it was a refund of our hostel deposits from the good old (6 months) college daysJ

Next day, it was time to say good-bye; seek my parents blessings, and respond to the (post-weekend) call of duty. Before boarding the bus to Mumbai, I shopped the following items for my parents especially for mom a side bag which was in need for mummy badly since long but never disclosed, saree her birthday dress,  then some more snacks and sweets. I kept all this at a shop my mother frequents, and set off on my return journey.

Next morning, I called my mom and wished her a very happy birthday ---- It ached my heart to leave home a day before her birthday, then I consoled myself; convinced of my plans to make up for it. Not that, buying stuff is a substitute for spending quality time with your near and dear ones, but still ----. I told her that I forgot some items in a hurry, and she should collect them from the shop.  She brought the whole parcel home and called up and asked what was there in it? Later when she opened it; her first reaction was, “why did you waste so much money? Instead you could have given money rather”…

I smiled (over phone) pleading, you always have need of money ma...but it’s your birthday, so let's make it just that.

Even if she scolded me at the beginning; I could sense the jubilation from an experience my mother never had before. It made me feel good when she shared her feeling of happiness with my brother. It was perhaps for the first time she had received so many gifts for herself on her special day. Thank you ma for giving me everything; this very life is your blessing and benediction. You made me realize the truth that,God could not be  everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

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  1. Very sweet & touching story sister...
    Even though you had narrated this to me in parts, reading this post was very different and special.
    May god bless you with many more of such sweet & proud moments.
    Keep Writing.

  2. Hey Rakshitha:) after having met you for a very short period of time in the meet, I think I have come to know you better with your blog:) Such a sweet gesture there girl:)and welcome to my city new girl:)

  3. Thank you Anirudh...Keep Reading..

  4. Hey thank you Brunda...It was pleasure meeting you too..!!


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