Die with diet OR live the honey diet

                  Human body is the best picture of the  human soul.

Somebody once said  "You are what you eat " (Mentally&Physically) I find  it very thoughtful from my personal experience . At times when I knew only "hunger"  until  I came across the word "Health"  I actually  was hogging like" I lived only for eating and only Eating.

As soon as  the charm of film industry , glamour world filled with mesmerising personalities ,they  caught my  teenage mind, brought a thought of health consciousness ,beauty and  many more .That is what the basic schema for advertisement right..??So if things are reasonable and if intentions aren't bad then I don't see a flaw in people like me following anybody who is right.

Even now I am a foodie though not very  choosy simply just enjoy every food & drinks from  simple "bread butter " till the  costliest  "Sizzlers" I  ever had in my life , Frankly speaking may be my life circumstances when things were not going good  around me ,might  have made me susceptible to everything and anything  today which is edible. Craving is a feeling which is almost like an addiction for people like me I would say.

There were those college days ,every morning  began with drinking  lots of water ,eating sprouts ,jogging for an hour or so, then freshen up have a healthy breakfast attend lecture ,come back to hostel eat some light food , play some games freshen up do some college  work have light dinner some fruits and sleep well and routine repeats so on...

I would call this as a healthy living and also happy living  because back  then though I couldn't achieve  Kareena 's   "ideal zero figure "  still  didn't end  up with a "3 pack of tyre around my belly". However bad the food  was ,I  never skipped my food  even if it was  my internal or external exams or even if it was  my final project demo it was never an excuse for me ,if you were a engineer then you would know what it takes to score  passing marks by last moment  studying. when all my friends where dying  and studying without food and sleep I would just do all that other way and smile at myself and say my half brain is in stomach so I better keep it full to write well.:-P

I never compromised with my addiction either : sweets, chocolates, icecream, chats, chicken etc all that you would just put them  in the list of "unhealthy food " if consumed regularly and excessively. But I believe  with a presence of thought knowing ,my health is my food habits(food & habits) living the life you love  will not harm you instead you will  be able to love the life you live which won't be all easy  for those who follow crash diets .

Another route for same destination ,wherein people whom i would  refer as "diet freaks", were actually rude to them self  & their body especially , without proper food intake avoiding all they loved , taking some random capsules and medicines shown in the ads  just with a hope of seeing them self  have a  drastic change  of physic being unaware of double drastic reverse effects. Basically these kind of crash diets and stuff  will make you hate everything you love  which will soon make you find excuses to skip the routine and finally reach back to square(original you) or make  even worse sometimes.

As we all know nature is an eternal gift   presented by God which every living being has a right to use and not to destroy. So   the sweetest one of those is "honey" .I remember   my childhood days mom giving me  honey and pepper powder as a remedy  for cough which could only make me  sleep peacefully. This is just an instance of my experience, there are lot more unrevealed benefits from honey, so following this honey diet will really be fruitful and make you glamorous I believe.

Dabur  honey has taken an initiative for starting this honey diet which will take you to the right destination(healthy & fit) and in a right path(without crash diets & compromises) very importantly. To know more about it just dip your finger in honey you will know the sweetness..                         


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