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Yess!! I am happy to be writing this ...

This blog post  is a  tribute to one of my  special friend  Anirudh Shetty he is a poet, philosopher, blogger, traveller, engineer, many more, finally, he is always a special  brother out there .
          To start with history  I met him at an  campus interview, luckily destiny had us both placed in same company at same location ,spoke to him on the first day of office knowing he was a Mangalorean I was happy as if I found an Island in a big ocean. In a very small time we became good friends. As he could see the fact that I was all new for that place and people, and how skeptical I was at things being different out there  he saw the urge in me  to express things .After hearing that one of my hobbies was writing  he lit this magical spark in my life and pushed me to start this blog which is an  year old infant today.

          Back then if that #sachchiAdvice  was not received or brought into action today  I wouldn’t have been here. As he himself was a self motivated   blogger he made me experience and observe the minute things of joy going around in every individuals lives , not just merely see it, at times he made me  part of it too.

          As a small instance to explain how some moments in my life will be nostalgic always  are my first flight  was a free flight from Mumbai to Mangalore which I travelled with him as he won it in a  blogging contest. Yeah,   flying is no big deal nowadays if you have little more money but for a mediocre like me it was a moment
of joy forever the first ever take off. Air hostess had an eye on me or else I would have been shouting like hoooooooooooooooo-Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am flying freeeeeeeeee in both ways   as if I was on a giant wheel or something.

          All those memorable moments have actually indirectly influenced me to take my blog much farther. I would often   get an opportunity (free pass entry) just with the tag of blogger and friend of a blogger to attend various events with him. I attended  Univercell  exhibition  Colaba, Tata Literature Fest at NCPA , Bolt arena at Vashi which had also  helped us earn so many goodies too.

          Only after I came down to Bangalore I have taken the courage to attend the blogger’s meets  independently , make new blogger friends , write about new incidents and accidents and be in track. Somewhere, someday, somebody might be our family members, friends, teacher or   even a passer-by may be the reason behind our right decisions which later   followed by  fruits of success for  which we owe them at least a soul felt thank you.

So here I am conveying my  gratitude to Anirudh Shetty, It really meant a lot to me that one true   #sachchiAdvice  of yours.

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”


  1. This is awesome, congratulations on completing a year. Keep them coming for many more years

  2. Thank you @Roshan, for stopping by and keep reading , will see to it that content keeps coming..

  3. :)
    Proud of u..
    Lot more to achieve...many more memories to create...
    Keep blogging..god bless u...
    N Title mast hai :)

  4. Feels good to hear "proud of u" from you,Thank you !!
    Mumbai Ka Bhai..hai na..:)


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