Getting Lost in the New City.

Dear Mumbai,

I am not yet sure should I thank destiny or curse my fate for bringing me to this destination........I would rather say Station  'Mumbai'. Today is my first day here in the city of Dreams, irony for a city which never sleeps. Journey commenced with blessings of  Lord  Hanuman at IcchaPurthy temple at Goregoan, the only good thing of the day. I then had to go to Kurla from Malad, with lot of instructions but with lack of planning I roamed around the same circle near to Inorbit mall thrice before I ended taking up an auto.

So far I didn't like this place. 

To make it worse, I met with a minor accident. Ya right, accidents are never minor but I say so as it involved only the little finger of my right leg. A black beast with yellow stripes on it. The iconic Premier Padmini Taxi cab was determined to crush my little finger and will power to sustain the city. Even  though it did not hurt my little finger to much extent, but was enough to hurt my little heart for giving me such a bouncer on the first day  itself.


This incident aggravated my complexity in mind and decreased my self confidence to stay here all alone far from family and hometown. Still my curios eyes never stopped  looking at people and wondering “Where do all these people go daily?? at the station?? on the roads?? every where crowd...." I think its a right question to pop up in a girl’s mind who had never seen neither experienced a Mumbai local ever before.

What hit me next was the smell of garma garam adharak Chai(which I later realized is the famous Mumbai Cutting) and  hot tasty Vada Paav  just besides the busy road, over Kichad. This combination of Cutting besides a Gutter both attracted and repelled people. Or maybe it only repelled me, others were busy having a treat with the hot freshly cooked delicacies. I had my first bite of the Vada pav- The Staple diet of Mumbaikars.

 After enough of  ”Getting lost” for the day, I reached home finally.
I was scared, but was not broken yet.
I was tired, but yet curious.
I will not give up!
I knew this is just the Start, just a trailer. Resting my head on the pillow, ready to end the day I remembered Sharukh Khan's famous dialogue "Picture abhi baaki hai ...mere dost!!" A lot is left to be experienced , and I conclude saying there is lot yet to share.

With love,
New  Mumbai Wali !!!

coming up: My Struggles with language, trains, being outsider, roads, bus...etc :D


  1. A fresh start to a new beginning.. Keep at it, looking forward to more posts

    1. I promise more posts, with my new experiences,,..

  2. akku waitng fr ua nxt post...nd plz b happy...u hv grt lyf ahead...

  3. niceee....
    hope we'll see new mumbai in your blogs........


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