Indo-Italian pasta

The flavor of the hour 

        I have been pondering lately on the similarities between a pasta well made and a life well lived. Just as the right amount of ingredients cooked in the right quantity make a  perfect pasta, the right mix of various aspects intelligently blended make for a complete life.    

         It was another boring cloudy Sunday evening, with thoughts of mundane Mondays, perhaps more so with me being one of those IT folks looking forward to Fridays.  So, just to add a wee bit of spice to my life I had this crazy idea of trying the hand at Pasta.
          Though I am a foodie ,after being in hostel all these  years I had not much access to a kitchen or to even watch and learn from my mother. Now that I stay in an apartment with my brother, this is my time to experiment, learn, cook and enjoy the food.

         After staring at the setting sun for a while I decide to toy with the idea of a DelMonte Pasta so that tasty  food entering tummy will bring some ‘Felicita’(happiness) .Luckily I have one good old brother to  test all my experimental  recipes and give a true feedback  and encourage cooking  at times and also suggest minor changes  on finding flaws.

           I would like to start my first ever session of  precious pasta cucina(cooking) with Del Monte Gourmet Spirali Pasta which is made of high protein durum wheat suitable for diet freaks and also yummy for  foodies like me.Now moving to the business end, let’s look at the journey of the pasta from the packet to the plate helped by some pictures, a video and a few words:

Recipe: Indo-Italian pasta 

Ingredients: Delmonte Gourmet Spirali Pasta-250 gm, Fresh Cream (milk)-100ml, Vegetables of your choice-1 cup, sweet corn for added flavor-1 cup, pepper powder, grated cheese, salt as per your taste buds, olive oil-2tbsp.

Serves: 2

·         Lets start by adding the Spirrali to boiling water, drain the water and keep it aside.
·         In a frying pan,  sauté  garlic, onion and green chilies using olive oil.
·         Later simmer the chopped vegetables till they are soft  with fresh  cream  added to the above sauteed contents and sauce is all set.
·         Now mix the pasta and sauce together.  And heat it for 10-15 minutes and garnish with grated cheese and coriander leaves.
Our very own Indo-Italian Pasta   is here and it’s ready   to serve.

Felice Mangiare(Happy Eating)............................................


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