Reconnecting Net-Work

                      Reconnecting Net-Work

I am also part of fast Airtel 4G family recently..,

            Recently my brother decided to opt for work from home since his office was too far and in peak hours travelling in public transport in Bangalore is a real pain for  bangloreans. As the  speed of  airtel  4G  network  was already a hot topic in his office without having  a second thought  very next day he brings home  this  new little member to our family that is airtel 4G HOTSPOT portable Wi-Fi router  whom I named as “AG” .I know naming a router would sound silly and childish but  I have an explanation supporting my thought .

            All this started  when so many years back  the first ARPANET link technically transferred  some data  back in  1969 between the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Stanford Research Institute .Which lit the fire for  future networked computers which we now call as internet. Some statistics say in 1983 only 1% of data was being circulated through digital communications but by the time we were born back in 1992  rate was increased to 51% by 2001 it was  already 97%  and its said that by December 2014 India alone had crossed 300million internet users this is all history n stats .
            Let's make it simple when we come down to our own lives  there was time when people used to see God s photo pray and then sleep but now it's a different scenario where in people updating status in WhatsApp starting from breakfast they had till the supper at night ,click pictures (selfie) along with  person you meet and upload on  Facebook  and other social networking sites  while they could actually have had  their quality time with that person instead. “No comments” as I am a youngster too ,willing  to live a happy and cherishing  life, may  be life has  reformed that way these days. Choices people make, priority they give are different from what it used to be back then.

            Other side of the same coin I would say is umpteen numbers of advantages  if you are good at using internet for good, sources of information are plenty,  it has made our life super easy from paying electricity bills to buying groceries to house is all made just at reach of a button click. I won’t even try talking about ways of entertainment through internet because it is unlimited.

            When we our life is so much dependent on internet having a Hi-speed internet connection becomes one of the  basic needs  like air, food and shelter for somebody like us living in this social world. Which has become the most wanted object at home.(AG)So here I am using by brother’s Airtel4G super fast connection for submitting this blog post.

            Airtel has commercially launched its fourth generation (4G) communications services in 296  towns across the country. This TVC  speed challenge is so tempting about the speed for browsing, videostreaming, downloading etc

 Daily I hear in FM too, which says find a faster network than airtel4G and you will get free life time subscription. Which is kind of a  impossible  situation for now.



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