Day @HardRock Cafe

         Ab har wish hogi poori….     

Last Saturday was a day marked in my calendar , because it was Indiblogger’s meet hosted by Flipkart at HardRock cafe.

It was actually my third blogger’s meet after coming to Bangalore , since our first meet at Zuri we have a peer bloggers group we meet and then be there on time together and have fun with all the fellow bloggers.
As I am new to Bangalore this was the first time for me there(@HR cafe) and  it was a memorable one .Once the band performance was over it was the time for us, the bloggers to open up express our self and say something special about our blog which was  hosted by Anoop. Later we got to know that   there were gift vouchers from Flipkart for our special introduction too.
In a while Flipkart team took  charge and briefed us about how vast Flipkart was functioning. As per the casual QA round held there the number of products  in FlipKart is 30 Million+, number might have gone a bit high within a week by their new Image Search modulation of shopping made easy.
          When I heard the number I was wondering how do  they manage to keep up so many promises that they give every minute, I would say   every order they take is a promise of “under promise over deliver”. It   needs lot of communication , collaboration for bringing it all together. I remember person from Flipkart meet explaining an incident when he asked  ' whom do you work for?' with an employee at big warehouse he said ‘I work for Internet’ that’s the answer for how vast the network is ,people don’t even know where the product will be sent to ,so many vehicles, so many hands..

         Then the team provides us with a demo of their new and exciting “Image Search” which gives more power to shoppers, by reducing the effort of describing the products they wish to buy. Image Search is a different and smart new thought which lets the individual to search & buy  things that  they  see , just with a click of image. Once the demo was over our attentive  bloggers started shooting them with chains of questions.

          Event was continued  later with the   activities for bloggers ,then we all got a  free copy of “10 LoveStories ,An Indiblogger Selection” which adds one more reason why we need to keep blogging and stay with  Indiblogger Team forever .

Yes, that is something every blogger dreams of right GETTING PUBLISHED!!


All these together made the day a sweet   bookmark in my 
Life Diary:01-08-2015


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