Boss hates this look... came up with a blogging prompt “WillYouShave” where it asked bloggers to share stories and their views regarding how shaving or sporting a beard makes a difference in a person's daily life.

One will say being a girl i dont have much to share on a topic regarding  "Grooming for men", but for real i have a lot to share on this particular topic.

I will start with a story of my male colleague and friend who can't be named in this article for his own benefit & safety..LOL

Typical IT company scene.

Its Monday morning, with the hangover of a fun filled weekend all employees walk in to the realization of not being employed and not the free bird they proclaim to be on a weekend. The mind still wants to stay in the weekend   buzz with the song "Saturday... Saturday...." playing in background. Yet, everyone has to force himself into switching "ON"his System(both self & Computer) and get past the hibernate mode.
    So same is the case with me and Mr. X sitting next to me, the prodigy of this scene. He always reaches office before me, while the deadline to reach office is  10:30 AM. Like always, I have come rushing last minute  and have sprinted form Lift to the bio-metrics system at 10:29 A.M . Following suit the watchman  gives the same "Kab sudhroge?" smile.
            With the smile of making it on time, i come to my desk and switch on my system ,turn towards towards Mr. X and say
 “Again Saved today !!” He knows like always I am referring to my last  minute attendance adventure and replies
 “Why can't you just be on time?”
 I grin and counter that by saying “Why couldn't you make time to Shave?” I noticed that he has a stubble, which is quite strange for formal corporate guy after a weekend. My counter argument had got him worried now
“Is it that bad? Does it look too casual?” He stammered while he asked.
“Yes...It does, why didn't you shave?”
Instead of giving answer he went on bombarding me with more questions on  how bad it was,i felt somewhere  it was the  fear of getting noticed by 'boss' which was speaking now.
Soon there was silence, we knew Boss had arrived. Then  he followed the routine of briefing about the day's work. Then there was a pause and the fear had happened.
“Everything is OK, but  tell me why didn't you come shaved? 
Two days were not enough for a work of 10-15 mins?” Boss questioned Mr. X
Now I felt bad for him, anyway there was nothing  I could  do. I kept on working  as if I am not hearing anything at all.
He didn't have any answer too, just gave a uncomfortable smile and said
“It was late sir..forgot ,sorry”
I didn't understand late for what, but even Boss was also kind enough to not to drag the topic more. Whatever the case, it was  a hard day for Mr. X where he had to keep his head low and hide himself behind his system all the time so that his stubble doesn't get noticed more.
So this was how I came across a incident where I realized how guys could fall prey to this question ”Why didn't you shave?”
So my analysis and advise goes like this.
All working men in especially corporate world are expected to come with clean shave, and violation of this rule would lead to face an uncomfortable day at office like our Mr.X.
 So make your choice.....

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