Being Woman..

Being Woman.....

Every Queen Bee was once a mere cocoon engulfed in its own skin for protection from its freedom. Today I would like to share the story of one such bee that’s come out of its cocoon and that’s me!
I grew-up in a small village named after a number in kannada, Thombathu.

This place is about 100 kms from Mangalore and back in my day, privileges such as power, water and transport were neither heard of nor understood by its dwellers.
However, courtesy of my proud and somewhat rich grandfather along with absolutely adamant mother me and my brother were the perhaps the first two in the village to go to an English Medium school about 40 kms from house, an arduous routine spanning 12 hour days inclusive of a 2+2 km walk and kerosene lamp studies.
Every now and then though I wondered why we were subject to such torture, but then if it wasn’t for my parents’ foresight I am pretty damn sure I wouldn’t be writing this to you guys. So, kudos to my ajja and amma.
I must admit this experience has tremendously shaped both my destiny and character. During those bus journeys I didn’t have many friends of my age, which meant I could make friends with all ages and from all walks of life. It thus became an inherent quality for me to relate as a human being with a bus conductor, or a teacher or banker or even college students. Also, as a curious child I got intrigued by people, their feelings, and their thoughts. As much as it complicates life it also enriches it.
It’s obvious that being a middle class family, my parents are eager to get me “happily” married and “settled”. I wonder whether getting married means losing the “free bird” feeling and living my life according the whims and fancies of another person and his family. Deep down I am worried of letting go my eternal companion, my happy-go-lucky charm.
But then, it’s a beautiful relationship and a wonderful feeling to be married, isn’t it? In a sense it completes you as a woman, at least a part of you!
Ok. Now my next question to you is, so what happens to the “live your dreams” funda? Bhad mein gayi the follow your heart philosophy?
So when it comes to fulfilling your potential, women are no longer pushover’s and have left their mark in almost every arena of human endeavor. Instead of naming people like Kiran Bedi, Indira Nooyi or Kalpana Chawla, I would like to tell about my own roommates, twin sisters Prachi and Neha. Now, their accomplishments might be far less significant but not their fortitude.
Putting aside the feminine “J” factor if you ask me, what they are doing here is quite remarkable. The duo differ by 3 minutes in announcing their entry to the planet.

Despite a minor dissent from family they are out here all alone in this big city to MAKE IT BIG, to live life on their terms come what may. At the age of 23 they design wedding suits with glee while grappling with studying law and pursuing fashion designing.
This might seem like a normal thing in Mumbai but the way they handle everything baffles belief and is truly inspiring
Their presence has lifted my spirit many times and compelled me to try and accomplish more with my life on earth. I am an Engineer, hoping to improve also as a writer. Also, I am a daughter and a sister. For, not titles but relationships define us, we are the sum total of all relationships that we are part of. I can only hope and pray to be even better as a wife and a mother in the days to come. First, I am a woman &.

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