Live and Love the Life

"The purpose of life is to Live it,to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience."
                                                                                                                       -Eleanor Roosevelt

If  I am writing this today it’s  only because my parents  gave me this life to cherish  and be happy about everything I have had so far.

May be it was all destined to happen by the almighty  that I come in the middle of someone’s life story long back  and be able tell a story  of my own today. As its part of many bad human nature to complain about things we did not get to enjoy or what we were deprived of because of some reason  but there are also few great things which happen to us and we  forget to think and smile about them with gratitude  for who or what made it happen one among them is childhood.

I believe childhood is very special period of   everyone’s life where in no worries, no foes, no fear , no hindsight  biased discussions, no pre notions yes  of course there is   less freedom always under care and consent of loved ones. Don’t do that , don’t go there ,don’t eat that, don’t throw that, don’t touch that etc.ets too many “No&Don’t”s..I also have lot of   good memories .

However old , rich, busy parents are they always try to do best of what they can to their little ones. I remember a scene  from my childhood, during my   third standard  we were  living in a paying guest then. Where I and my elder brother went to our school staying there,  as my grandmother was ill and bedridden my mom had to take care of her in our village  so she left  us as  paying guest  in  a catholic family from where I learnt some Konkani(language spoken by Christians in and around Udupi ) and Christian prayers too.

During our  stay in that  boarding house my Amma would visit me twice or thrice in a month, those were like our full moon days as  she wouldn’t only come with love and care but also get a bag full of snacks , chyawanprash and a bottle of goodness-  Horlicks .Our most tastier  and healthiest  form of milk  too.  

 Horlicks contains wheat, malt barley, sugar, milk +vitamins(A,C,D,E,B1,B5,B6,B12, biotin acid ,folic acid, calcium and fibre) which is called   as Horlicks  named after William Horlick  and   is manufactured and sold by GlaxoSmithKline in many countries.

In India as we all know we have lost lot of things after the British ruled us  and we curse them for the pain and distress they caused among our  forefathers but somewhere in the corner they have  left behind  few good things for us to continue  and take it further for our  social development  like railways,  education system, convent schools  as well as this  magical jar of goodness named HORLICKS which was initially consumed only by the Indian soldiers of the British Indian Army ,they brought it back to India with them as a supplement to the diet. Since then, it became a family drink and even was a kind of status symbol in the rich Indian society.

The brand went through a makeover in the year 2003 to bring in some changes with the changing times and introduced new flavours to drink such as toffee, vanilla, honey, chocolate and elaichi ( cardamom). They also brought in variants such as Junior Horlicks,  Mother’s Horlicks, Women’s Horlicks,  Lite Horlicks, and Horlicks Gold.

Horlicks  provides kids all  most  every important vitamin a kid requires for a healthy physical and mental  growth in its childhood. Along with all this it also helps kids get sound sleep which is the foremost reason for healthy leaving.  I love horlicks   even  now.


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